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The Nazareth Trust is an extraordinary story of faith and Christian commitment in the Middle East for a continuous period for more than 150 years

In 1995 a wine press was unearthed, hewn out of the bedrock on the hillside below the Hospital.

On investigation by archaeologists, it was discovered to date to the 1st Century AD.

Further research revealed watchtowers, terraces, and quarries, all dating to the early Roman period.

Since then, with the help of leading academics in a range of fields, a living representation of rural life in 1st Century Galilee has been developed - a mere 500 metres from the Nazareth in which Jesus lived.

This includes a synagogue, an olive press, a vineyard, houses, and many of the aspects of life about which Jesus spoke. All are built to the most rigorous and accurate standards. A cast of Nazarene locals help bring Jesus' parables to vivid life.

As well as the pilgrims who come from across the world, Nazareth Village hosts Christian, Moslem and Jewish school groups from all over Northern Israel.

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