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Our hospital is valued by all - whatever their faith - as a Christian place of healing and restoration

Nazareth Hospital EMMS has always provided a unique testimony to peaceful co-existence in a land riven by conflict.

The days of expatriate Christian medical staff are now gone, but thanks to their dedicated, quiet and humble service over many generations, the 'English Hospital' retains the affection and respect of all groups, who value it as a Christian place of healing and restoration, be they Christian, Moslem, Druze or Jew. All these groups are represented amongst both staff and patients.

Funding does not allow for care not covered by insurance, for new initiatives, our Chaplaincy service, or for capital improvements. For that we need your support.

This modern general hospital employs over 400 staff, has 147 beds, and operates within the framework of the Israeli Healthcare system.

With over 50,000 visits per year to the Emergency Room, it handles a similar number of emergencies to a UK general hospital - many more per in-patient bed than any other hospital in Israel.

Care covers the normal spectrum of general hospital services, plus the only Arabic-language psychiatric unit in Israel, and a specialist outpatient unit for Tuberculosis patients.

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