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Welcome to The Nazareth Trust
Formerly known as EMMS The Edinburgh Medical Missionary Society


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For over 150 years we have been 'Healing in the Name of Jesus' in Nazareth. What started as a humble clinic with 4 beds has grown to become Nazareth's General Hospital sitting high on 25 acres of Nazarene hillside we have owned since 1906.

For over 90 years our School of Nursing has offered an open doorway to all young people from the Nazareth area, preparing them for a life of service and care for others.

At the bottom of our hillside sits the 'Nazareth Village' . Here, 500 metres from the original centre of Nazareth, Jesus' parables come to vivid life in an archaeologically and historically accurate portrayal of rural life in New Testament times.

Through our SERVE volunteer programmes, you too can experience life in Nazareth while supporting the ongoing work of the Trust.

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