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Serve Nazareth



As the hometown of Jesus, Nazareth holds a special place in the hearts of many. We believe the Lord wants to do great things in Nazareth today.
The SERVE Nazareth ministry connects Christians from around the world with ministries in Jesus’ hometown.  Our goal is to fulfill needs through service, to grow the Kingdom of God in Nazareth, and to grow each participant in Christ.  Our hope is that each person will make a difference in the community, and grow in passion to serve the Lord.
You can join us in this exciting and fulfilling endeavor!
The SERVE Nazareth program is flexible and designed to fit into any schedule.  Our year round program can be 1 to 6 months and is suitable for anyone desiring to serve.  Our 12-week summer program is ideal for students and internships.


Group SERVE focuses on creating opportunities for Christian groups to come and serve in Nazareth. SERVE Nazareth can offer a variety of ministry projects from building and renovation, to children’s camps, prayer walking, or relational ministry.  We take care of everything from food, lodging and placements to cultural preparation and guidance from 2 to 21 days.
We strive to make serving in Nazareth fulfilling, enjoyable and suitable for everyone. 


The vision of the SERVE Nazareth programme is to glorify God by bringing Christians from around the world together in service, to encourage the body of Christ in Nazareth and equip people for future ministry.



The aim of SERVE Nazareth is to grow our interns into mighty men and women of God.

All prospective participants should be devoted followers of Christ who are over age 18 and have a desire to SERVE others abroad. Both individual and group applicants are welcome.

Our summer programme runs from the end of May through to mid August, but the rest of the year is available at any time suitable to you! Just see how much time you have available and book in with us from a one week to 6 months!

Applications are welcome throughout the year, but applying at least three months before your intended arrival is recommended to ensure the timing you want. This applies to individuals and groups.

The cost is $950 per month per person or $35 per night.

If you have any questions to ask please contact the SERVE Nazareth team at [email protected] We look forward to hearing from you!

Your schedule is based around 2 placements per week. In addition to this, we have chapel services and other activities available through the evenings. We have monthly day trips and also education and development opportunities. 

You will live on the Nazareth Hospital campus. Our apartments are split for male and female participants, and are spacious with common rooms available.

The Hospital is a few minutes walk from the town centre of Nazareth and the historic old city. You will soon become integrated into the local culture as part of your SERVE Nazareth experience!

The Nazareth Trust is a nonprofit organization working with the local community in Nazareth and its environs. The Nazareth Trust is not affiliated to any denomination or political standpoint. We desire to work across denominations and with all people groups. 

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