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Healing in the name of Jesus

Since 1861

What We Do...


Welcome to the Nazareth Trust

The Nazareth Trust is unlike any other Christian Service. 

For over 150 years we have been 'Healing in the Name of Jesus' in Nazareth. What started as a humble clinic with 4 beds has grown to become Nazareth's General Hospital sitting high on 25 acres of Nazarene hillside we have owned since 1906. 

For 90 years our School of Nursing has offered an open doorway to all young people from the Nazareth area, preparing them for a life of service and care for others. 

Autumn 2015 has seen us recuit a new CEO, Richard Mayhew.

6 Feb 17

SERVE 2017 New Programs
Walk where Jesus walked, experience 1st Century Life, and break bread with Christians in the Holy Land

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What God did in my life this summer - Hannah Zwagerman - Summer 2012

There has been so much that God has done in my life I do not know where to start. So I guess I will start from the beginning and go from there. Coming to Israel, to SERVE, I did not know what I wanted God to show me this summer. So, when asked, I just made up something and called it good. Some of what I said was truth, other parts were not. Little did I know that God would take the stuff that I wanted to know and throw it out the window. Instead the made up parts are what God worked on this summer. Read More

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