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February 2022 Prayer Update

Merciful God,

We give thanks to the Lord for the following blessings in the life and witness of the Nazareth Trust over the past month:

  • The decline in the number of new COVID infections and seriously ill patients with the latest variant of the Coronavirus.
  • The relatively mild symptoms that most of our staff experienced after testing positive for Covid and for their quick recoveries and return to work.
  • The smooth transition back to online tuition for the School of Nursing.
  • The opening of the new Mental Health Department at the Golden Care Centre in Nazareth.
  • The steady new bookings that the Nazareth Village is receiving for the month of March and the easing of travel restrictions to and from Israel.
  • The positive response by staff and patients to the World Day of the Sick prayers and service led by Fr Rafic Nahara, the Latin Patriarchal Vicar of Israel.
  • The appreciation expressed for the pastoral care visits to patients in the Victory Wards of the Nazareth Hospital over the past month.

In your great name we pray,