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Serve Nazareth

Holy Land Christian Encounter
SERVE Encounter is an adventure unlike any other! As part of a Christian charity serving in Nazareth for over 150 years, the SERVE Encounter provides unique insight into the diverse and complex communities of Christians in Holy Land.
You’ll explore Biblical sites, meet local people and truly experience Christianity in the Holy Land as you explore the country with Christian guides who will take you to their favourite sites and share about their lives and testimonies. 
The 11-day Encounter will be a time of learning, spiritual reflection and fellowship. 
You’ll experience a variety of Christian traditions and meet followers of Jesus in the Holy Land today.
You will pray in the garden of Gethsemane, worship at the sites of Jesus’ death and resurrection; reflect on the majesty of Christ at the site of the Transfiguration and sail across the magical Sea of Galilee.
With the opportunity to worship alongside a rich tapestry of Arab Christians and Messianic believers, you will learn about their unique challenges and gain a better understanding of how our ancient roots of faith developed.  You’ll see and experience how God is working through these communities today.
The SERVE Encounter is truly unique, a time to learn and examine the roots of your own faith. It is a journey certain to challenge and grow you in wisdom and faith, as Jesus Himself “grew in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man. Luke 2:52”

Holy Land Encounter dates: 17 – 28 October 2017
What is included?
·       Transport from Ben Gurion Airport to Nazareth.
·       Guesthouse accommodation in Nazareth and Jerusalem.
·       All excursions.
·       All meals.
·       Lectures and guest speakers.
·       Time for worship and reflection.
·       Transport back to the airport.
What places will I see?
The Sea of Galilee – including the Mount of the Beatitudes, the Jordan River and Cana of Galilee where Jesus turned water into wine. Take in the breath taking views of the Sea and visit the sites of Jesus’ miraculous ministry.
Mount Tabor – the site of the Transfiguration for reflection and prayer.
Nazareth –enjoy everything Nazareth has to offer during your stay; the Basilica of the Annunciation, the tomb of the righteous, Nazareth Village and the largest Christian community in the country.
Jerusalem – including the Mount of Olives and the garden of Gethsemane, where Jesus prayed on the night before his arrest.  Visit the cell in Caiaphas’s palace, walk the path where Jesus bore the cross to the site of Calvary, and rejoice at the resurrection sites and empty tomb.
Haifa – Mount Carmel, Elijah’s cave and even a dip in the Mediterranean!
Banias – The site of Peter’s confession of Jesus alongside stunning nature and history.
Worship – Attend different congregations and denominations, both Arab Christian and Messianic, to worship with the body of Christ.
Why it is special?
A standard Holy Land tour will show you many sites but few tourists get to meet and worship alongside the people who are keeping the faith today.  
The focus of Encounter is to learn about, and really get to know, the followers of Christ in the Holy Land today, and to celebrate the Body of Christ in this special place.
Reserve your space today!

‘For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others’ Mark 10:45

Do you have a heart to SERVE and also want to SEE the Holy Land? As part of a Christian charity serving in Nazareth for over 150 years, SERVE & SEE has the perfect opportunity for you. SERVE & SEE is for those who have limited time available, want to SERVE the community of Nazareth and SEE Biblical sites. 

As a SERVEr you’ll make lifelong friends while you support local ministries in practical ways. Whatever your skills or interests, there is a place for you! As a SEE’er you’ll tour a new Biblical site each week.  Sail the Sea of Galilee, walk the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem, explore ancient sites and make Jesus’ hometown your own. You’ll leave a bit of your heart behind!
With 2, 3 or 4-week options, you can choose a timescale to suit you and the places you want to see. If you enjoy adventure, you can travel independently, making this a flexible and action packed experience. 
2 Weeks - 30 October – 12 November 2017
Cost: $750 (or sterling equivalent)
·       Sea of Galilee excursion including the Mount of the Beatitudes, the Jordan River and Cana of Galilee where Jesus turned water into wine. 
·       Jerusalem excursion to the Mount of Olives and the garden of Gethsemane, where Jesus prayed on the night before his arrest.  Then, walk the famous Via Dolorosa (Way of the Cross), following in Jesus’ footsteps as he bore the cross to Calvary for his crucifixion and burial.
3 Weeks -to 19th November 2017
Cost: $950 (or sterling equivalent)
·       Haifa excursion to Elijah’s cave at Mount Carmel and Muhraqa, the prophet Elijah confronted the prophets of Baal.  Spend some shekels in the unique atmosphere of a Druze village and dip your toes in the Mediterranean Sea!
4 Weeks –to 26 November 2017
Cost: $1050 (or sterling equivalent)
·       Dead Sea - excursion to the planet’s lowest point to experience incredible buoyancy in the saltwater, explore King David’s oasis of Ein Gedi, and travel through the mountainous Judean Desert and visit the Qumran Caves, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. 
Price includes accommodation, meals, airport transfers and excursions.
SERVEing options:
There are many practical ways in which you can SERVE.
·       maintenance work or gardening
·       as a nurse aide in the Nazareth Hospital
·       play the part of a first century villager at Nazareth Village
·       help kids learn English in a local school
·       join our Chaplaincy Team for visits and prayer
There are always new ways to use your unique skills & talents, just talk to us!
SERVE & SEE dates:
Apply at:

SERVE Programmes 2017

The aim of SERVE Nazareth is to grow our interns into mighty men and women of God.

All prospective participants should be devoted followers of Christ who are over age 18 and have a desire to SERVE others abroad. Both individual and group applicants are welcome.

Our summer programme runs from the end of May through to mid August, but the rest of the year is available at any time suitable to you! Just see how much time you have available and book in with us from a one week to 6 months!

Applications are welcome throughout the year, but applying at least three months before your intended arrival is recommended to ensure the timing you want. This applies to individuals and groups.

The cost is $950 per month per person or $35 per night.

If you have any questions to ask please contact the SERVE Nazareth team at [email protected] We look forward to hearing from you!

Your schedule is based around 2 placements per week. In addition to this, we have chapel services and other activities available through the evenings. We have monthly day trips and also education and development opportunities. 

You will live on the Nazareth Hospital campus. Our apartments are split for male and female participants, and are spacious with common rooms available.

The Hospital is a few minutes walk from the town centre of Nazareth and the historic old city. You will soon become integrated into the local culture as part of your SERVE Nazareth experience!

The Nazareth Trust is a nonprofit organization working with the local community in Nazareth and its environs. The Nazareth Trust is not affiliated to any denomination or political standpoint. We desire to work across denominations and with all people groups. 

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