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7 Dec '16

New Medical Director at the Nazareth Hospital


Richard Mayhew, Nazareth Trust CEO proudly announces:

Following Dr Bishara Bisharat's announcement of his departure at the end of the year and then an extensive search by the Board of the Nazareth Trust I am delighted to announce that Dr Fahed Hakim has been appointed to be our next Medical Director.

 Some of our friends and supporters will already know Dr Fahed personally, as he is from Nazareth and he is a hugely respected and qualified physician, currently working at the Rambam Hospital.

 We are absolutely honoured that Dr Fahed will be joining us, bringing not only his extensive knowledge, expertise and research in the field of medicine, but also a passion to see our hospital continue to build on the outstanding legacy of Dr Bishara Bisharat, and provide the best possible quality of health care for the people and communities of Nazareth in the coming years.

 I am sure that you will want to extend our congratulations and to pray for Dr Fahed and his family as he prepares for this transition to our Hospital in the New Year.

 In Christ's Service,

 Richard Mayhew,

 CEO, Nazareth Trust.

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