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1 Apr '15

Everyone's a winner


The Awards, built around the Hospital’s values, are judged by co-workers and recognise those who consistently display love and compassion, human dignity, excellence and professionalism and excellent service at all times.
Every employee is given a nomination form, which is submitted to a recognition committee made up of employees from all areas within the Hospital, and decisions are made without management or executive team involvement.
There are some outstanding examples of exceptional service, and of going above and beyond what is expected. Here are the stories of this year’s winners.
Marlen Hakim – Head of the Pharmacy Department
Marlen was nominated for her professionalism, excellence and passion in preparing the Hospital for Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation next year, working outside her normal shift to make sure written procedures were completed.
Her active campaigning for cross-departmental teamwork has helped to ensure quality and safety is paramount across all departments. 
Marlen has led her team with passion and commitment, making her a role-model to all at the Hospital. Her crucial work towards the accreditation goes on.
Marlen said: "This win doesn't belong only to me but to the whole Pharmacy staff, because we work as a team: T – Together, E – Everybody, A – Achieves, M – More.
Nibal Habiballah – Internal Medicine Nurse
Nibal was nominated for her diligence, dedication and perseverance in delivering excellent service as a Nurse within the Internal Medicine department.
Her colleagues said: “Her dedication is tangible - she believes in and lives the Hospital mission and values, never asking anything of others and always going the extra mile.”
A good friend always listens, and this is Nibal’s key strength in supporting her colleagues and patients.  A true advocate of the Hospital work, Nibal leads the way in showing how to provide excellent service to all.
Nibal said:Winning makes you feel people appreciate what you do after all these years of working in the Hospital. The feelings of appreciation and joy were even greater than getting the award.”
Dr Yousef Nejim – Director of Paediatrics and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Dr Yousef, a specialist in Paediatrics and Neonatology, was nominated for his continuing work in the West Bank. We have featured stories in the last two newsletters on the mobile clinics so you will already have some understanding of the amazing work he has undertaken and committed himself to.  Dr Yousef has led his team to help the children and people of Tobas by showing love and compassion by way of access to medical care that is not normally available to them.
He said: “I received the award with a mixed feeling of joy and responsibility, which took me back in memory to my first day of work in the Hospital 23 years ago."
Nehaia Abu Alheja - Midwife
Nehaia has worked at our Hospital since 1989 and was nominated for her compassion, loving and caring professional skills in supporting a blind father in his efforts to be a part of the birth of his child
A wonderful relationship developed between the family and Nehaia, who sent her a letter of thanks in beautiful formal Arabic that started: “Every word of thanks stands still in front of your kindness and beautiful heart”.
Nehaia said: "It's a great feeling to witness the appreciation of the employees and managers. It's an honour for the whole labour department and staff, because we are all like that.
“This award makes you more responsible and determined to keep on with your beliefs of love, giving, providing full service, and respecting others. I ask God for us to keep doing good deeds and professional work in order to raise the standards of our department and Hospital."
Saleem Nwessir – Hospital Archivist
Saleem, an archivist in the Hospital, was nominated for his commitment to helping others. Without being asked, he saw the Emergency Room needed someone to help so he volunteered himself. The news quickly spread of his willingness and, if any of the offices now need someone to help, the first person they call is Saleem. He can be seen daily talking to families of the patients if they need to know where to go or where to find things. His nomination said,  “You are great Saleem. We appreciate your giving spirit that makes you who you are”.
He said:I am so glad that I was nominated and voted as employee of the year. It's great to feel appreciated and loved by the staff."
Outstanding Staff
There was also recognition in the form of an outstanding staff award, which went to the Orthopaedics and Surgical department for exceptional service to the care of the patients transferred from Gaza during the conflict in August last year.

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