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3 Dec

What God did in my life this summer - Hannah Zwagerman - Summer 2012

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Hannah Zwagerman

To put into 200 words what God has done this summer is a grad feat. There has been so much that God has done in my life I do not know where to start. So I guess I will start from the beginning and go from there. Coming to Israel, to SERVE, I did not know what I wanted God to show me this summer. So, when asked, I just made up something and called it good. Some of what I said was truth, other parts were not. Little did I know that God would take the stuff that I wanted to know and throw it out the window. Instead the made up parts are what God worked on this summer. 

God taught me about myself this summer. This was done with a lot of alone time. With my placements I had large amounts of time alone, just me and whatever job I had to do that day. This time I spent with God. God showed me that I can trust him. He showed me that he is in complete control of life and if I trust him with my life great things can happen. He also taught me to trust in who He is making me to be. I was pushed to limits I thought I would never break past, but I broke past them and found I liked what was on the other side. 

One thing that I wanted God to show me was what I was supposed to do when I got back to my hometown in the States. I wanted specific answers. Instead I got a general idea of what I was supposed to do. But I have learned that it is ok to not have everything figured out. I needed to trust in God and do what he was telling me to do, once I do that I can leave the rest to him.

So if I have to narrow my whole summer down to one word it would be trust. God showed me that I need to trust in him and his timing. He also showed me that I need to trust in myself and who he is making me to be. He knows the direction my life should take and I just need to trust in it.

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