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Latest Volunteer Stories

Take a look at some of the stories our recent volunteers have posted 

  • 3 Dec

    What God did in my life this summer - Hannah Zwagerman - Summer 2012

    There has been so much that God has done in my life I do not know where to start. So I guess I will start from the beginning and go from there. Coming to Israel, to SERVE, I did not know what I wanted God to show me this summer. So, when asked, I just made up something and called it good. Some of what I said was truth, other parts were not. Little did I know that God would take the stuff that I wanted to know and throw it out the window. Instead the made up parts are what God worked on this summer. Read More...

  • 3 Dec

    The Meaning of this Summer - Casey Baxter - Summer 2012

    How to begin explaining what this summer meant to me?  Can it be condensed down to experiencing the acceptance of a different culture?  Meeting incredible people perhaps?  When it all boils down, this summer meant spiritual growth for me.  I came to Israel a Christian who needed to do some spiritual maturing and that is exactly what happened.  Read More...

  • 3 Dec

    JT Testimony

    I came to SERVE Nazareth looking for a spiritually-profitable “grand adventure”, among other reasons.  With my university studies finally behind me, I wanted to be refreshed and re-focussed on God before jumping into the working world.  SERVE was not only all that I could have asked for, but more than I knew to ask for. Read More...

  • 3 Dec

    Kara Reimer - SERVE Testimony

    For the first time in years I was content being alone with just God and my thoughts.  I am so glad that I have that back because I realize now how much I missed feeling that safety and peace that comes with just resting in the arms of my saviour.  I also regained an awareness of God’s voice in my life and I started listening for it again. Read More...

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