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Our school of nursing - preparing young people with a vocation to care & service since 1942

Open to all, without distinction, the School is both distinctively Christian, and run in sympathy with the values of Arab culture. This makes our courses particularly attractive to female students, around 70% of whom are Moslem.

When it opened in 1924, the School operated in the basement of the Hospital, but since 2005 it has enjoyed its own purpose-built building.

Improved facilities have led to raised standards and enabled us to accept more students, so we can educate even more young people who might otherwise struggle to find a place in Israeli society.

Thus, through unconditional service to all in the name of Jesus, we help give improved life chances to young people from a minority group - and equip them with the means to support their families.

Access to education is a key tool to minimise cultural and religious tensions. We seek to continue and develop further the School's message of successful working in a potentially fractured and divergent society.

Tthanks to the generous support of Embrace the Middle East (forrmerly BibleLands) the School also has its own Auditorium, providing a key resource for community health education, and for Christian worship.
if the school is to continue to provide an outstanding example of Christian grace and endeavour in a traditionally volatile region, we need your help - particularly so we can fund a bursary scheme to support students from the poorest backgrounds.
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